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Sara Hair Braiding & Hair Salon - Raleigh, NC
2417 Crabtree Blvd Suite 101 - Raleigh NC 27604 - (919) 400-8535 - (919) 940 0918
Centre commercial de Ouaga 2000 - Ouaga Burkina Faso - Phone: 71715075 - coupons
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Sara Beauty Salon - Ouaga Burkina Faso

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Your full satisfaction is our number one priority and obligation.Wherever you decide to obtain your Hair braids services we suggest that you request a complimentary consultation. It is my opinion that the most important element when spending your hard earned dollar on hair braids is not how much you pay for a braid style, but that the price is reasonable and the value is undisputed and guaranteed. We stand behind our work 100% and will redo your braids in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied. Sara-Braiding-Hair-Salon on Facebook To better serve you, we recommend that you make an appointment.Call in for your appointment or walk-in for a complementary visit. It usually does not happen but if it does happen that you are not satisfied: We are ready to redo your braids same style to your satisfaction. We are committed to make Sara Hair Braiding & Hair Salon your final braiding shop for our customers

You will receive prompt, courteous service all the time! Call us for more information.
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Hair braiding is an ancient art - 17. Jan. 2006 - 14:32

Hair braiding is an ancient art, handed down from generation to generation in Africa. The origins of the art form can be traced back to Egypt as far as 3500 BCE. In many West African countries, hair braiding developed into complex patterns signaling one's social status, age group and village affiliation. Certain elaborate hair treatments were reserved for ceremonial occasions such as weddings.

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Walk-Ins Welcome & Appointments Preferred

919-400-8535 or 919-940-0918

2417 Crabtree Blvd Suite 101, Raleigh NC 27604 USA
(919) 400-8535 - (919) 940 0918

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Sara Hair Braiding & Hair Salon - Raleigh, NC