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Sara Hair Braiding & Hair Salon - Raleigh, NC
2417 Crabtree Blvd Suite 101 - Raleigh NC 27604 - (919) 400-8535 - (919) 940 0918
Centre commercial de Ouaga 2000 - Ouaga Burkina Faso - Phone: 71715075 - coupons
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Sara Beauty Salon - Ouaga Burkina Faso

  Salon Profile

Our professional Braiders and natural hair stylists understands the importance of customer service, client consultation, and complete customer satisfaction. when it comes to hair braiding and Styling, We understand that each client is different and has different needs. We take into consideration that every hair braids style is not for everyone. Your braiders will help you choose a braid style that looks great, is affordable and offers the maximum benefits for your hair. Since the price is determined by many factors, we will appreciate if you come in for a complementary consultation to get an accurate quote. We cannot be satisfied with just offering you the perfect look. Your hair care is first. We know that you have the choice of going wherever you want to for your hair braids. By choosing us( Sara Hair Braiding & Hair Salon ), we deem upon ourselves the responsibility to show you that we respect and appreciate you for giving us the opportunity to craft your braids. We will do all that we can to make your visit at our Hair Braiding/Salon outshine your expectations. 


Business Hours

 Hours: 7 Days/Week (Mon - Sun)
8:00 am - 5:00 pm (Regular)
24 Hours / 7 Days (Appointment)



Phone: 71715075

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Walk-Ins Welcome & Appointments Preferred

919-400-8535 or 919-940-0918

2417 Crabtree Blvd Suite 101, Raleigh NC 27604 USA
(919) 400-8535 - (919) 940 0918

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Sara Hair Braiding & Hair Salon - Raleigh, NC